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Body Contouring after Weight Loss Surgery Gold Coast

The truth of the matter is, some pockets of fat can never be shifted by diet and exercise alone

Plastic surgery after weight loss

After significant weight loss, whether from diet and exercise alone or with the help of bariatric surgery, different parts of the body can be left with reminders of the weight that was once there. Loose sagging skin folds and stretch marks can not only be displeasing to the eye but even be quite uncomfortable with irritation under redundant folds and problems fitting clothes.


Losing weight can be an incredible achievement that can improve your overall health and livelihood. However, after significant weight loss, the skin often fails to shrink back to its former size and shape. This can often leave skin sagging in multiple areas, including the face and neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, back and thighs. Here at Sculpted, we offer procedures that can help remove excess skin and tighten your problem areas to assist you on your weight loss journey.

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what can you expect from body contouring post weight loss?

improved posture

removal of excess skin

less skin irritations in skin folds

increased confidence

Each patient’s body parts react differently and we tailor procedures required on an individual basis to prioritise surgical and non-surgical treatments to address the areas that concern you. If you are seeking rejuvenation of more than one area, combinations of procedures may be required in one sitting or multiple stages, addressing the most concerning parts first. The procedures that may be required in this setting from head to toe are listed below.

If you have tried everything to budge stubborn bulges but found they are completely resistant to all your diet and exercise efforts, you may be feeling discouraged. That doesn’t mean you cannot address them though. At Sculpted Clinic on the Gold Coast, we offer a range of safe body weight loss procedures to contour and slim your tricky areas. Sometimes combining liposuction for removal of fat and skin excision provides the results you are looking for. In more stubborn cases where there is significant weight left in certain areas such as the thighs Dr Sawhney may recommend staged liposuction followed by later skin excision to get the best contouring for the issues you face.

body contouring after weight loss - image 001

Body contouring
post weight loss

Why consider body weight loss procedures?

Body weight loss procedures include a range of different treatments to help you achieve your goals. No matter what your problem area, Dr Raja Sawhney and the team at Sculpted Clinic will work with you to create a tailor-made plan to address your concerns.

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