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Bringing symmetry to you breasts

Breast Asymmetry Surgery

More than 50% of women are affected by breast asymmetry

While all breasts are different, some are more different than others. Through breast asymmetry correction surgery it is possible to address these issues and help you feel more comfortable with your silhouette.

Why consider breast asymmetry correction surgery?

If you have two very differently sized, shaped, or positioned breasts, you will well understand some of the challenges it presents. From bras which never fit you properly, to problems with clothing not fitting you correctly on one side and even embarrassment, these are very real problems which as many as one in every two women experience.

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Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery Gold Coast

Dr Raja Sawhney and his team at Sculpted Clinic on the Gold Coast are passionate about helping women from all walks of life to achieve their potential and feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. When you attend a consultation with Dr Raja, he will discuss your goals for this surgery with you at length, and then conduct an examination before presenting you with the options he feels are best suited to your unique circumstances. As no two women are the same, the options he presents you will be unique to you; tailor-made to suit your goals.

Once you and Dr Raja have selected the option which you both feel is best suited to you, he will then carefully plan your surgery in conjunction with you, ensuring you understand each step of the journey.

Dr Raja will also be able to provide you with a simulation of approximately what your breasts should look like after your surgery using Vectra 3D aesthetic simulation. To request your consultation with Dr Raja, contact us today.

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