Breast Implant Checks

When was the last time you had your implants checked?

You have your skin checked every year, you see your dentist every six months so why not put an implant check into your calendar?

Dr Raja Sawhney will be opening a clinic once a month for women of all ages to come and have their breast implants checked.

Basically, the lifespan of any breast implant is unknown. Although there are many women who have had the same silicone breast implants in place for many years without any problems, there are also women who have had to replace their implants within a relatively short period of time when a problem has arisen.

What is included in the check?

In your breast implant check-up appointment, Dr Raja will include a detailed discussion of your medical history and any issues you have, an ultrasound and an MRI.

This new service will cater for all women especially those who:

  • are concerned about their implants
  • have had them for 10+ years

What happens if my results aren’t good?

Dr Sawhney can offer a ground-breaking treatment known as fat transfer. Fat transfer enhances, lifts and shapes your breasts naturally. Dr Sawhney will remove the fat from areas of the body where you would like to see contouring and excess fat removed, and place it directly underneath your breast tissue. This will create a natural shape.

Essentially, it’s an implantless breast augmentation that uses your own fat cells.

Breast Implant Checks at Sculpted Clinic

Are you worried about your breast implants, or just want to make sure everything is okay?

Come in and see our highly experienced team. We’re taking expressions of interest below.

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