Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From Dr Raja Sawhney

Breast Implants Vs. Fat Transfer

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What you'll learn:

Have you been thinking of getting your breasts enlarged? 

Have you had a breast augmentation with implants and had a complication?

Did you know that you can use fat transfer instead of silicone implants to increase breast volume or replace problematic implants?

Using your own fat is gives more natural feeling breasts. The fat is taken by liposuction from those stubborn areas that you may have longed to have reduced.

If you’re considering breast implant or fat transfer, the best way to decide is to come to our event with Dr Sawhney. Every case is different and depending on your body structure, desired results, and personal preferences. We can explain why one may be better than the other for you personally.

Dr Raja Sawhney is a well established and respected Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon. As the Director of Sculpted Clinic on the Gold Coast of Australia, he specialises in Reconstructive surgery including deformities caused by trauma or cancer. His vast experience, skill and knowledge in complex breast surgery including complications of breast augmentation and cancer reconstruction presents a unique opportunity to his patients on the Gold Coast.

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