Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to replenish volume


Sculpted Clinic now offers fat transfer for a more permanent solution to volume loss

What is Fat Transfer?

Autologous fat transfer is the process of transferring fat from one part of the body to another. This is performed with liposuction from a distant site (e.g. flanks, thighs, abdomen) and harvesting the fat. The fat is the refined and injected into the cheeks, under the eyes, nose, lips and around the mouth to restore volume. Unlike dermal fillers, this procedure doesn’t need to be repeated every 12-24 months. It can also improve the quality of overlying skin by stimulating regeneration.

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Why undergo a fat transfer treatment?

Fat transfer treatment removes unwanted fat from one area of the body, and then places it where volume has been lost, resulting in fine lines, creases and wrinkles. It is highly effective in restoring the appearance of the temples, cheekbones, and sagging skin under the eyes. It can also be used to correct minor issues with asymmetry, as well as other small imperfections. This procedure is not overly invasive, and most people find they require only minimal downtime afterwards.

Are there any side effects from fat transfer?

Side effects include redness, swelling, and pain. Most of these are self-limiting and resolve in the first one to two weeks.

Fat Transfer

Does the fat stay forever?

When injecting fat not all the fat necessarily takes. With the latest techniques used at Sculpted Clinic 80-90% fat take rates can be achieved. With time and further ageing, volume is lost but much slower than with Dermal Fillers. Also, fat grafting causes swelling that can take up to 1-2 months to completely resolve so the final result can be assessed. During this time resolving swelling can give the impression of the fat dissolving while this is not the case.

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