Plastic surgery before and afters Gold Coast


breast implant replacement image - patient 001 - 45 degree view

Implant Replacement


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breast implant removal and fat transfer - image 003_v3 - side view

Implant replacement with fat


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breast implant replacement - image 01 - side view - sculpted

Implant Revision


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breast lift - image 001 - 45 degree view - after

Breast Lift


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breast implants - image 001 - side view - after surgery

Breast Implants


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tuberous breasts - patient image - 006

Tuberous Breasts


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breast fat transfer - image 01 - side view

Fat Transfer


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breast reduction surgery - image 003A - side

Breast Reduction


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male breast reduction - surgery for gynaecomastia - image 007

Male Breast Reduction


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