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Mummy Makeover

“Having children can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a woman’s life”

Unfortunately, pregnancy and breastfeeding can often result in unwanted changes to a woman’s body. Pregnancy can create changes in the breasts, abdomen and waist, leaving women insecure and searching for a way to improve the contours of their body. Fortunately there is a procedure to reverse these changes and restore your pre-pregnancy body. The Mummy Makeover is a customisable treatment that targets and reverses these post-pregnancy changes.

Why undergo a mummy makeover?

Post-pregnancy changes can include drooping breasts, enlarged areolas, loss of waistline definition, pockets of fat in the abdomen and flanks/love handles, stretch marks and a sagging tummy that won’t get better with diet and exercise.

A mummy makeover at Sculpted Clinic on the Gold Coast consists of a group of select cosmetic procedures performed on the breasts and torso, all of which are designed to reverse some of the effects of pregnancy.

The aim of our mummy makeover is to provide a tailored package that helps a patient achieve their goal in a timely and organised fashion. You can enhance your body contouring procedure results by maintaining a routine of diet and exercise. Being fitter improves stamina, speeds up recovery and decreases the risk of many complications.

A Mummy Makeover combines multiple procedures into one session. This equates to less resources used, a more cost-effective procedure and one recovery period. After your Mummy Makeover your body will be looking youthful, firm and lifted.

All about Mummy Makeover

When a healthy diet and regular exercise doesn’t produce the flat, toned tummy you want, an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) may be the answer.

An abdominoplasty is a body contouring procedure, not a weight loss technique. Most patients lose only a couple of kilos at most but receive a lot better contour to their abdomen.

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What can you expect from mummy makeover?


reduce areola


lift breasts


reshaped tummy


treatment of stretch marks


waistline definition

Mummy makeover Gold Coast

Dr. Raja Sawhney at Sculpted Gold Coast will assess your individual situation, medical history, desires and risk factors. It is important to explain your concerns with your body to Dr. Sawhney so he can tailor the treatment to you and your needs. Dr. Sawhney will examine the available tissue of the treatment area to determine the right procedure to correct your concerns. He will then explain the options, relative risks and benefits of each procedure before coming to a decision with you on a plan for your chosen procedure/s. Dr. Sawhney will ensure you understand about the procedure and the recovery process. To request your consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mummy Makeover Procedure

The surgeries included in a mummy makeover are breast augmentation, a breast lift, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, vaginal rejuvenation and a lower body lift. You most certainly do not have to include all of these procedures, only what will help you achieve your specific outcome.

A mummy makeover requires a general anaesthetic and can take anywhere from two to six hours. If the procedure takes longer than six hours, patients will usually need to spend a night in hospital. Dr Sawhney will explain the order he will perform the procedures. The Mummy Makeover combines the surgeries unique procedures to create excellent results.

Breast Augmentation: For a breast augmentation, there are three options for cuts, around the areola, under the breast fold or through the armpit. Dr. Sawhney will decide on the correct incision for your case to best hide the scarring. Then the breast implant is inserted behind or over the pectoral muscle. Once the cut is closed, your breasts will be perkier and firm.

Breast Lift: For a breast lift there are several options for breast lift procedures that are suited to each individual and their breasts. Dr. Sawhney will choose the correct procedure for you and your needs. The first option is the Donut lift, a less invasive procedure that removes a donut shaped piece of tissue around your areola and reattaches the remaining tissue. The second option is the crescent breast lift or nipple lift. A crescent shaped piece of tissue is removed above the areola. The nipple is then raised to a more youthful position.

Thirdly, the lollipop breast lift is quite an effective procedure that is more invasive. A donut shaped piece of tissue is removed from the breast and then the surgeon makes an incision from under the areola to the breast crease. The surgeon is then able to reshape the breast tissue to sit in a youthful position. Finally, an anchor lift corrects severe cases of breast sagging. The procedure begins with an anchor shaped incision from the base of the areola to the bottom of the breast. Dr. Sawhney will remove a crescent shaped piece of skin from where the breast and rib cage touch. This allows him to reposition the breast tissue and the nipple to create a fuller breast.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck): This procedure can be performed as either a mini tummy tuck or full tummy tuck to target a post-pregnancy stretching of the stomach. A tummy tuck removes stubborn excess skin and fat from the abdomen. When this excess skin and fat is removed , the stomach appears flatter and the muscles are tightened. A mini tummy tuck is a revised version of this surgery that removes a smaller portion of skin and fat.

Liposuction: Liposuction begins with the surgeon making small cuts in the target areas. Dr. Sawhney inserts a cannula into the cut and then vacuums out the excess fat. This procedure targets the contours of the body to create an even and flattering figure.

Vaginal rejuvenation: This procedure is important for mothers post-pregnancy to regain their confidence and tighten the vaginal muscles. Vaginal surgery uses the wedge method. The surgeon removes a wedge shaped section of unwanted labium to reduce the weight of the labia minora. This does not affect the functions of the vagina.

Lower body lift: This procedure begins with an incision around the body. The lower body lift combines a tummy tuck with a buttock lift by removing loose skin and fat from the “belt line”. Finally, the surgeon stitches up the cut. This surgery creates a softer silhouette and removes stubborn fat.

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How much does a Mummy Makeover cost on the Gold Coast?

It is difficult to determine an exact cost of the Mummy Makeover since it is personalised. We recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Sawhney to find out your cost. The cost will be based on the procedures chosen, the surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital fees. In your consultation, Dr. Sawhney will tailor a personalised quote that includes all of the elements of your Mummy Makeover. It is important to check if a mummy makeover is covered by your private health insurance.

Certain mummy makeover procedures may attract a Medicare rebate. One of the best Gold Coast plastic surgeons Dr. Raja Sawhney can take you through the process of applying for a rebate during your consultation. Medicare offers rebates for reconstructive or essential procedures.

Procedures such as breast lifts, reductions and implant removal can receive a rebate from medicare. If significant weight loss has occurred, medicare will cover abdominal procedures.
The relevant MBS are item 30177 (tummy tuck), item 45558 (post-pregnancy breast lift), item 45523 (breast reduction), item 45524 (breast asymmetry) and item 45553 (removal of implants). Patients must meet each criteria to ensure they receive the rebate. An example of the criteria is to qualify for the tummy tuck medicare rebate, you must have lost at least 15kg of weight or maintained a stable weight for six months or more. You must also have excess skin and fat that is disrupting your daily life or if it is causing you irritation, you have tried to treat this for three months with ineffective results.

What should I expect in terms of recovery?

A Mummy Makeover recovery will be different for everyone. Not only will your body heal at its own pace but the procedures you choose will also dictate what your recovery will be like. The procedure can take four to eight weeks to recover from. You can expect mild to moderate pain, swelling and bruising which subsides within a week or two. Most patients will also need to wear compression garments for six weeks to reduce swelling and improve results.

You should aim to take at least a week off work but two weeks is more ideal. You would also benefit from having someone to assist you at home if your children are still young. Your final results will only be visible after all swelling has subsided. Give your breasts at least six months to settle after breast implants before deciding on whether you are satisfied with your results. In order to maintain your results, you will need to lead a healthy lifestyle. You should also be aware that choosing to have more children after this surgery will also affect your results.

Patients should sleep in a recliner or an elevated position in a bed. Eight to twelve weeks after surgery you can return to laying on your side. It is important to allow the body to heal effectively to create the best end results. Patients should not shower for 48 hours after surgery to protect the surgical site/s. It is also important to keep movement going post-surgery to prevent blood clotting so we recommend five to ten minutes a day of walking slowly at the beginning of your recovery process. Medication will prevent pain or discomfort.

It is important you clean the Mummy Makeover stitches to avoid infection. Firstly, sterilise your hands before touching the surgical site. Secondly, remove the dressings and wash the stitches with warm soapy water. Finally pat the area dry and reapply the dressing.

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It is important to maintain your results by practising aftercare. Patients should continue a healthy lifestyle and avoid putting on weight and smoking. For patients that have undergone a breast- related procedure we recommend they wear breast support. This reinforces the breasts as they heal and prevent sagging. Patients should have their last child before having a Mummy Makeover.

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Risks and Complications

All surgeries bring with them risks and complications, including the Mummy Makeover. The Mummy Makeover can result in a risk of infection, lack of healing, bleeding, numbness and scarring. It is important to avoid smoking before or after your procedure as to avoid causing extra damage. This extra damage includes the risk of skin death, slower healing and increased scarring. Some patients find they have a reaction to anaesthesia however you will have a team of experts monitoring and performing your surgery. Most surgeries have some form of bruising and swelling however in rare cases, some patients experience hematoma. This is a form of extreme bruising due to a collection of blood under the surgical site. A drain is inserted to reduce the bruising and remove the excess blood. Contact Dr. Sawhney at our Gold Coast clinic if you are concerned during the healing process.


Women who have noticed unwanted changes in their body post-pregnancy are the ideal candidates for a Mummy Makeover. It is ideal for mothers to return to their regular weight and condition before having the surgery as the changes are permanent. Therefore, mothers should have the Mummy Makeover once they decide they do not want any more children.

A Mummy Makeover will result in some scars. Incisions are placed during surgery to hide scars in the natural folds and creases of the skin or underneath clothing.

It is true that most patients can have a second Mummy Makeover if needed. This is however up to each surgeon. When you have multiple pregnancies, this procedure is an option to reverse the ageing signs present with a pregnancy. It is best to have the procedure after you finish having children to maintain your results.

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How soon after children should you get a Mummy Makeover?

It is ideal to wait three to six months after breastfeeding so that the breasts can restore their current position. Patients should lose their post-pregnancy weight for the surgery to full shape the body.

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