It’s not always necessary to undergo surgery to make a dramatic change

Sculpted Clinic on the Gold Coast offers a wide range of non-surgical procedures to help you get that youthful glow back. To find out more about each of these procedures, follow the links below.

Do you have a question about our non-surgical procedures? Or would you like to request a consultation? Contact us today.

acne treatments - grid image 001

Acne Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections - model image 01

Anti wrinkle Injections

Dermal fillers - model image 01

Dermal Fillers

excessive sweating - hyperhidrosis - model image 001

Excessive Sweating Hyperhidrosis

Facial fat transfer - model image 02

Facial Fat Transfer

Fat dissolving injections - double chin - model image 01

Fat Dissolving Injectables

breast scarring after surgery, model image 01

Scar Treatment

skin pigmentation - grid image 001

Skin Pigmentation

skin tightening - grid image 001

Skin Tightening

Vascular lesions on legs 01

Vascular Lesions

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