Injectable Skin Treatments Gold Coast

Why visit the clinic of a plastic surgeon for injectable treatments?

The reasons are plentiful, and very valid. For starters, when you attend a franchised clinic in your local shopping centre, you’ll find the procedure is cheaper; however, you’ll also find that more often than not your consultation will be performed by a nurse, and if there is a doctor consulting, this is done by a remote video call as opposed to there being a doctor on site.

When you choose to have your injectable treatment at Sculpted Clinic, Board Certified Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Raja Sawhney will be available to consult with you, and ensure your treatment goes smoothly. If you were to experience a reaction to the injectable treatments, which is a possibility, Sculpted Clinic is fully equipped to swiftly and safely deal with this. If you would like to request an injectables consultation with Sculped Clinic, contact us today.