Is it Possible to Get Your Pre-baby Body Back?

Is it Possible to Get Your Pre-baby Body Back?

After pregnancy and childbearing, many women experience changes to their body.

But, thanks to modern innovations in the field of plastic surgery, it is possible to regain a firmer, more youthful appearance. At Sculpted, we offer a mummy makeover package, which is designed to address a number of problem areas.


What is a mummy makeover?

A mummy makeover refers to a combination of procedures designed to restore the shape and appearance of a woman’s body after having a baby. It is completely normal for women to experience some dramatic changes in their bodies after pregnancy, and a mummy makeover can address a number of areas of the body. Areas that are often treated include the breasts, abdomen, waist, buttocks, and genitalia.


Some of the most common procedures performed as part of a makeover include:


Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure in which the size of the breasts is increased with the use of implants. The procedure is a highly effective way of restoring volume and generally enhancing the overall shape and texture of the breasts.


Breast fat transfer

Here at Sculpted Clinic in the Gold Coast, we are proud to say that we are specialists in breast fat transfer procedure. Using liposuction, fat is removed from unwanted areas. The common sites for this are the tummy and love handles or inner and outer thighs. This fat is then prepared for transfer and injected through multiple small 4-5mm incisions around the breast mound. This fat then takes on new blood supply in the breasts to become living fat again.


Breast lift

A breast lift is performed in order to remove excess skin and raise and reshape the breasts. The procedure helps to give the breasts a more youthful shape and appearance.



Liposuction is a procedure in which excess fat is removed from the body in order to improve the shape and contours of the figure. It can be used on a number of areas, including the thighs, hips, abdomen, upper arms, and buttocks.


Tummy tuck

During a tummy tuck, excess fat and skin is removed from the abdomen, and the muscles of the abdominal wall are tightened. The result is a smoother, firmer stomach.


Who is suitable for a mummy makeover?

A mummy makeover can be completely customised for you, depending on the areas you would like treated as well as your particular expectations. It is best if you are in good health and are healthy body weight. Overall wellness and fitness generally speeds up recovery and significantly decreases the risk of post-surgical complications.


Before undergoing the procedure, it is important that you have realistic expectations. We will consult with you before beginning the process, and address any of your questions or concerns. We will also advise you of the procedures that best suit your body and personal goals.


What does recovery involve?

After your procedure, it is normal to experience some swelling and bruising. If you have had a breast procedure, you may need to wear a surgical bra to minimise swelling and provide support. Compression garments may be worn to manage swelling in the buttocks, waist, and abdomen.

We will explain how to care for your wound and prescribe any necessary medications that will help to reduce your risk of infection and manage any pain and discomfort. You will need to come in for some follow-up consultations, and we will let you know when you should come in for check-ups. The healing process may take several weeks, and you will need to take a break from strenuous activities while you heal.


You will start to see the full results of your procedure after a few months, once your body has fully recovered. Any scars will begin to fade, and your implants will settle into place.

Our aim is to provide a package tailored to your unique needs. For a consultation, please get in touch.

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