Non-Surgical treatments

Non-Surgical treatments

Anti-aging with non-surgical procedures

At Sculpted, we have a range of Non-surgical treatments used to address a variety of concerns, including the signs of aging on your face. 

If you are looking to shave a few years off your appearance, surgery is not the only option. With the range of non-surgical treatments at Sculpted, you can achieve fantastic results without going under the knife! These are the procedures that we have on offer.

Injectables and Dermal Fillers

Many people use the endearing term “laughter lines” when it comes to the fine lines that develop around the eyes when you age. And yet, you may not find these lines so endearing! These lines can often make you look tired and older than you feel.

These anti-wrinkle injections can help to reduce the appearance of these lines and smooth the texture of the skin on your face. The procedure consists of multiple small injections of the muscle relaxant in the targeted areas with results lasting between three to four months. 

Dermal fillers are used to restore lost volume in your face that naturally occurs with aging. Dermal fillers are often confused with anti-wrinkle injections; however, their purpose is to restore lost volume versus smooth out wrinkles. 

For longer-lasting results

While anti-wrinkle injections are all great options for facial rejuvenation, the results are temporary. With Dermal fillers, you will typically need to have the procedure repeated every 12 to 24 months.

For longer-lasting results, fat transfers are a fantastic option. 

Fat transplants take place by using liposuction to remove and harvest fat from a distant site such as flanks, thighs, abdomen. The fat is refined and injected into the cheeks, under the eyes, nose, lips, and around the mouth to restore volume. Fat transfers offer fantastic results when it comes to restoring the appearance of the temples, cheekbones, and sagging skin under the eyes.


PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is an all-natural injectable procedure which takes advantage of your body’s own healing properties for anti-aging purposes. Blood is drawn from your arm and spun to separate the platelet-rich plasma which is rich in nutrients and healing properties. This is then injected back into the area of concern.

PRP can be used to address concerns such as skin elasticity, wrinkles, fine lines, and enlarged pores. Platelet-rich plasma is a part contains natural growth factors, and when these growth factors reach the deeper layers of the skin, they stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin. This causes your skin to gradually regain some of its youthful appearances.

If you are merely experimenting with anti-aging treatments on your face, we strongly recommend easing into it by selecting some of these minor, non-surgical options. If you enjoy the results from the more temporary solutions such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, you may wish to progress onto fat transfers.

At Sculpted we are able to give you the results you are looking for, rejuvenating your face and restoring that wonderful, youthful glow.

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