Circumferential Body Lift

Belt Lipectomy Gold Coast

A belt lipectomy addresses loose skin and fat from around the waist

Rather than just addressing the front of the stomach as a tummy tuck might, a belt lipectomy or lower/circumferential body lift involves a circumferential incision, removing loose hanging skin and fat from the entire “belt line” of the patient. It essentially combines a tummy tuck with a buttock lift.

Why undergo a lower body lift?

There are a number of reasons you could be considering this procedure. It is of particular interest to patients who may have lost significant amounts of weight, but found their skin has not shrunk in alignment with their body weight loss, leaving them with loose, hanging skin. Whilst the patient should be incredibly proud of their achievement, this remaining skin can feel like a real roadblock to them really feeling like they have achieved their goal. This specialised procedure can add the finishing touches on their transformation.

Lower Body Lift Gold Coast

When you attend your lower body lift consultation with Dr Raja Sawhney at Sculpted Clinic on the Gold Coast, he will spend a substantial amount of time getting to know you, and understand your goals for your procedure. It is often the case that a lower body lift may be done in conjunction with other body sculpting procedures to help the patient achieve an all-over result. These procedures may include breast lift and/or augmentation, thigh lifts, brachioplasty (arm lifts) and even liposuction.

No matter your goals for this procedure, Dr Raja will work with you to create a plan, and ensure you understand and are comfortable with every step of your journey. Please note that Dr Raja prefers patients have maintained a stabilised final weight for 6 to 12 months prior to undergoing these treatments. To request your lower body lift consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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