Breast Surgery

Breast sculpting is based on specific, tailored procedures

These include augmentation with breast implants or fat transfer, breast lift and breast reduction techniques, which may need to be combined to provide a natural and pleasing cosmetic outcome. These techniques may be used for pure enhancement or for rejuvenation after child birth or significant weight loss.

Tailoring here involves decisions on volume change desired, whether a lift procedure is required and optimal placement of scars.

There are further specific decisions based on each procedure required which you can read more about below. An in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of each is necessary to come to the most appropriate realistic plan for each individual. A meticulous technique based on these decisions is imperative to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction. Asymmetries in development or ageing can be similarly addressed with tailored differential procedures to each breast.

Dr Raja Sawhney specialises in breast sculpting. He has extensive experience in breast surgery especially breast reconstruction for breast cancer and congenital breast deformities including asymmetries, underdeveloped and overdeveloped breasts, tuberous breast deformities and male breasts/Gynaecomastia. He is the Clinical Director of the Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of the Gold Coast and Robina Hospitals where he performs a large workload of breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients and other breast deformities.

Whether you are considering breast surgery for cosmetic reasons, or as a reconstructive measure, you can find out more information via the links below.

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