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Breast Fat Transfer Gold Coast

“Breast fat transfer involves harvesting fat by liposuction”

How does fat transfer work?

Using liposuction, fat is removed from unwanted areas. The common sites for this are the tummy and love handles or inner and outer thighs. This fat is then prepared for transfer and injected around the breast mound. This fat then takes on new blood supply in the breasts to become living fat again.

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Do you want to enhance your breast projection and shape but are nervous about looking too fake or worried that implants are an unnatural introduction into the body?

Dr Raja Sawhney has written a comprehensive guide on what to consider when choosing to undergo either breast fat transfer or breast implants.

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what can you expect from breast Fat transfer?

100% Natural

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Reshape your entire body

Virtually no scars

No maintenance

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How much of the fat will take?

This is highly dependent on the technique utilised to harvest and transfer it. Stable take rates of up to 80-90% can be seen in ideal patients with Dr Sawhney’s techniques. Unlike breast augmentation using breast implants, fat transfer can be used to artistically shape the breast in any direction required. You can use more Fat in areas that are deficient in volume differentially. If you have asymmetry you can put more fat in the smaller breast to bring better symmetry home. The procedure has its limits and only a finite amount of fat can be transferred in one sitting depending on the starting volume of the breasts. If you have very small breasts and want to have them significantly enlarged, you have three options.

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How many fat transfers will I need?

You may choose to have multiple sequential fat transfers at least three months apart to allow time for the previous graft to settle in. Alternatively, you may choose to combine the fat transfer with a small implant to attain the overall enlargement you want. The benefit of this over breast implants alone is that the Implant will be smaller and there will be more of your own tissue/fat over the top of it so you are less likely to feel the Implant and your breasts will feel more natural.

The obvious third option is to opt to have breast implants alone. If you have very small breasts or have an athletic body habitus having large Implants placed can mean that you can feel the implants through the skin easily. Implants alone in this setting can often have poor cover of your own tissue, especially in the upper part of the breast making it obvious that you have breast implants. Fat transfer can make your breasts look more naturally large and feel softer like your own fat elsewhere, which of course is exactly what it is. Autologous fat transfer is not a substitute for breast implants. The two work in very different ways and both have their pros and cons.

Breast Fat Transfer consultations

At your first consultation, Dr Sawhney will use 3-D Vectra imaging and a sizing kit to show you what you would look like with different volumes of augmentation. This will help you decide on how much volume you want to be added to your breasts. Depending on this, Dr Sawhney will advise you on how many fat grafts would be required to achieve this. He will give you time to contemplate these options. At your second consultation, you can repeat the exercises with the sizing kit and Vectra 3-D imaging before deciding on volume and method you want to use ie Implant or Fat transfer or both.

It is important to know that after any breast surgery the breasts do swell and results take 2-3 months to settle. Swelling and bruising tends to be more prominent after fat transfer and it is important to keep this is in mind: as this resolves the breast will shrink in size to your stable result.

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Breast fat transfer with Sculpted, Gold Coast

If you are interested in breast augmentation or rejuvenation, make an appointment to see Dr Raja Sawhney at Sculpted so he can give you your options and guide you to the best way to achieve your desired outcome.

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