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Breast Lift Surgery Gold Coast

Many factors can cause a breast to lose volume

As the breast ages and endures the effects of childbirth and breastfeeding, its features change due to a combination of skin laxity and volume loss to allow sagging and breast descent. After weight changes, these effects are exaggerated. In milder forms, this may be addressed with breast augmentation or nipple lift or a combination of breast implants with nipple lift. As these changes continue the procedures required to address the issues it creates escalate.

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift encompasses a group of procedures that encompass the treatment of significant breast droop or “ptosis”. A nipple lift is essentially a minor breast lift requiring only moving the nipple and tightening skin around it. The next level is a circumvertical breast lift whereby skin is excised around the nipple and the scars are extended to excise skin below the nipple to reduce horizontal skin laxity in the lower pole of the breast. The resultant scar has the shape of a lolly pop.

If vertical laxity from the nipple to the fold below the breast is significant the scars are extended into this horizontal fold below the breast and a vertical segment of skin is excised. The resultant scar has the shape of an anchor.

At your first consultation with Dr Raja, he will discuss the areas to address in your breasts with skin excisions and volume replacement if needed to achieve a safe, predictable and aesthetic breast rejuvenation.

Breast lift with Sculpted

Dr Raja Sawhney will assess your individual situation, desires and risk factors. He will then explain the options, relative risks and benefits of each before coming to a decision with you on a plan for your chosen procedure/s. It is imperative that smoking is avoided for six weeks before and after your surgery to reduce risks of wound breakdown if a nipple lift or breast lift is required.

Vectra 3D aesthetic simulation cannot predict nipple or breast lift capacity of an implant in a patient with breast droop or sag.

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