Tuberous Breasts Gold Coast

Reshape your breasts

Tuberous Breasts Gold Coast

Tuberous breast is a congenital condition which results in irregular shaped breasts

The condition can cause either one or both breasts to take on a tubular or constricted appearance. The good news is this condition can be easily treated by a surgeon with the right skill set.

Tuberous breast correction with Sculpted

Dr Raja Sawhney is a Board Certified Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon at Sculpted Clinic on the Gold Coast. He is also the Clinical Director of the Departments of Plastic & Reconstructive surgery at both the Gold Coast University and Robina Hospitals. Thanks to his extensive experience in this area, Dr Raja is an expert in the treatment of tuberous breasts. In particular, Dr Sawhney has developed his own modifications on procedures for tuberous breasts to reduce the amount of operations required to get an end result.

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During your consultation with Dr Raja, he will take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and questions regarding the procedure, before conducting a physical examination and providing you with his recommendations. From here, he will work closely with you to tailor-make a plan for your surgery, ensuring you understand and are comfortable with every step of the journey.

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