Hand lift and rejuvenation can return hands to a more youthful aesthetic

Using a combination of filler injectables, fat transfer, and hand lift surgery, Dr Raja Sawhney has helped many of his patients to overcome dissatisfaction they may be feeling with the appearance of their hands, be it due to sun exposure, disease, or simply the natural ageing process.

Hand Lift and Rejuvenation Gold Coast

When you attend your consultation with Dr Raja Sawhney he will discuss your concerns and goals for this procedure with you at length, before conducting an examination of your hands. Based on his findings, he will recommend options he considers are best suited to your unique circumstances, then work with you to carefully plan your hand rejuvenation procedure in detail.

To request your consultation with Dr Raja and the team at Sculpted Clinic, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Temporary fillers usually last from 3-12 months, while fat grafts are usually long-lasting. Both types of injections may be repeated when necessary. Results of skin tightening will depend on the type of treatment used. To help prolong your hand rejuvenation results it’s important to avoid sun exposure, wear gloves if necessary and apply regular moisture to your hands.

As with any treatment or procedure, there is a potential risk. All risks will be discussed with you in full prior to the procedure. If you have a history of impaired healing, smoke or spend a lot of time in the sun – you may have a less successful or shorter lasting result.


You should take care of your hands by reducing sun exposure. You may choose to wear sunscreen on your hands on a daily basis and gloves when possible. There is nothing that can be done to completely eliminate the possibility of your hands eventually showing signs of age. Though with procedures such as hand lifts, aged hands can be treated to look more youthful.