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What will my surgical care cost?

We aim to provide our patients with the best surgical care. Our brand new practice is equipped with the highest quality medical equipment, instruments and supplies. Our team, treatments and facilities meet strict international and Australian standards, with patient safety and clinical care of the utmost importance.

The cost of providing our patients with the best health care is the basis for our fees. Your rebates from Medicare and your private health fund will vary depending on a number of factors.

Our prices are indicative of the complexity of the surgical procedures Dr Sawhney performs as well as the expertise and experience required for performance and resources or products required to achieve an optimal result.

How much does a consultation with Dr Sawhney cost?

A cosmetic or reconstructive consultation with Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Sawhney is $220 for the initial consultation. If the procedure you are seeing Dr Sawhney is eligible for a Medicare item number – and your doctor has referred you to Dr Sawhney – you will receive a rebate of approximately $76 on your consult fee. Subsequent consultations will cost $120.

At the time of booking your consult, you will be asked about the nature of your consultation, so that adequate time, clinic resources and the appropriate consultation fee can be advised.

Can I get a quote or estimate over the phone or by email?

The Sculpted team can provide a general fee range for most procedures prior to your consultation. However, to obtain an accurate indication of the costs involved with your surgery (inclusive of any eligible Medicare item numbers) – an appointment with Dr Sawhney is required.

This is because each operation is completely tailored to each patient. This means that the total cost of surgery can vary significantly on:

  • the procedure required
  • any applicable item numbers
  • the chosen hospital
  • your private health fund status
  • whether you can have day surgery, or require an inpatient stay

Following your first consultation with Dr Sawhney, you will be provided with a detailed customised estimate of fees document. This document will itemise your surgical, anaesthetic and hospital cost aspects, as well as the rebate you can expect to receive on your surgical fee and hospital admission, if applicable.

What are the costs involved with plastic or cosmetic surgery?

In regards to cost there are three main fee elements to most surgeries:

  1. surgeon’s fees- (and sometimes surgical assistant’s fee)
  2. anaesthetist’s fee
  3. hospital fee

Dr Sawheny’s surgeon’s fee includes the following aspects of your procedure and care:

  • the fee for your surgical procedure
  • implants or prosthesis (if applicable)
  • post-operative garments (if applicable)
  • post-operative healing or recovery optimisation products
  • all post-operative consultations conducted at our clinics, for up to six weeks following surgery

When comparing different fees, it’s utterly important to take all aspects of the surgery, as well as your post-operative costs, into consideration. These should always be provided to you clearly, in plain language so you understand them completely.

It’s important to remember that all quoted fees are estimates, as unexpected findings during your surgery may necessitate an additional procedure to achieve an optimal outcome. In all cases, Dr Sawhney carefully evaluates his patients’ condition as accurately as possible, so that the most precise quote can be provided prior to your procedure.

When is payment due?

Your surgical fee is not payable at the time of your first consultation; in fact, Australian regulations prevent your surgeon from taking payment for cosmetic surgery for at least two weeks following your first consult, to allow a ‘cooling off’ period.

When you book your surgery, a 10% deposit is required to secure your surgery date and time.

Dr Sawhney’s surgical fee is due in full, six weeks prior to your surgery.

Cancellation policy

To book your appointment we require a minimum non-refundable deposit of $100 which confirmes your appointment with Dr Sawhney. Should you fail to show or cancel your appointment within 24 hours, you will forfeit your deposit of $100 in full.

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