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Breast lift surgery

Many factors can contribute to breast droop/sag/ptosis.

As the breast ages and endures the effects of childbirth and breastfeeding, its features change. This is mainly due to a combination of skin laxity and volume loss, resulting in sagging and breast descent. Weight changes can exaggerate the effects of skin laxity and volume loss on the breasts. Mild cases may need breast augmentation, a nipple lift or a combination of breast implants with a nipple lift. When a breast needs shaping we recommend a breast lift or mastopexy to correct extensive breast changes.


A breast lift (mastopexy), is a surgical procedure used to lift or raise sagging breasts. It may also correct the shape and contour of the breasts in order to improve their overall appearance. Breasts change shape considerably over time due to a variety of reasons.

Some women may wish for more perky or uplifted breasts and breast lift surgery is the best way to make this wish come true. Download our guide to breast lifts to find out more.

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What is a breast lift?

A breast lift or Mastopexy encompasses a group of procedures that treat significant breast droop or “ptosis”. The breast lift surgery aims to tighten and reposition the breasts to restore a youthful look to the chest. A Mastopexy procedure tightens the breast skin to create a firmer looking cleavage. Women experiencing sagging and a loss of breast volume are ideal candidates for mastopexy. These changes can occur due to ageing, genetics, gravity, weight loss and pregnancy. A breast lift can correct your breasts including the shape, size or invert of your nipples.

A nipple lift is essentially a minor breast lift that moves the nipple and tightens the skin around it. The next level is a “lollipop” breast lift, which involves excising the skin around the nipples. The incisions also extend to below the nipple to reduce horizontal skin laxity in the lower pole of the breast. The final scar has the shape of a lollipop.

There are cases where the vertical laxity from the nipple to the fold below the breast is significant. In cases of significant vertical laxity, the incisions extend to the horizontal fold below the breast. Our doctors remove a vertical segment of skin. The resultant scar has the shape of an anchor.

At your first consultation with Dr Raja Sawhney, he will discuss the areas to address with skin excisions and volume replacement to achieve a safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing breast rejuvenation.

Breast lift with Sculpted

Dr Sawhney will assess your individual situation, desires and risk factors during your consultation. He will then explain the relative risks and benefits of each option before coming to a mutual decision with you. It is imperative to avoid smoking for six weeks prior and post-surgery to reduce risks of wound breakdown.

Vectra 3D aesthetic simulation cannot predict the capacity of an implant for a nipple or breast lift in a patient with breast droop or sag.

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Breast lift Procedure

The breast lift procedure or mastopexy is performed under general anaesthesia. The surgery takes approximately two hours to complete but can vary for each individual case. The procedure begins with an incision within the breast crease, extending from the areola to the natural breast fold or around the areola. The incision will be placed in a spot that can best hide scarring post-treatment. After the incision, the excess skin will be removed. The breast tissue and nipple are repositioned to create a youthful breast position. Sutures will be positioned deep in the tissue to support the healing process of the breasts and the then incision skin will also be closed with sutures.

There are several types of breast lifts that can be performed. A full mastopexy breast lift occurs when a surgeon creates an anchor-shaped incision in the breast, removes a crescent shaped piece of tissue above the nipple and repositions the nipple. The vertical mastopexy breast lift begins with an incision from the areola to the breast crease and then the removal of a donut-shaped piece of tissue from around the areola. Dr Shawney will perform the right procedure for your tailored breast lift.

It is important to have realistic expectations of the surgery as results can differ for each case. A mastopexy will create breasts of an equal proportion providing the patient with a better cleavage. This surgery will relocate and lift the breasts to sit higher on the chest, and resize and lift the nipples to a youthful position. For women post-pregnancy, the breast lift provides an opportunity to restore youth to the breasts and reposition their chest to match their pre-pregnancy body. Breast surgeon, Dr Shawney will ensure you have consistent, long-term results and will focus on the appearance and longevity of the mastopexy.

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Cost of breast lift with Sculpted

A breast lift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. However, the exact price at our Gold Coast clinic differs for each client due to a multitude of factors. The doctor performing the surgery, their quality of work and surgical technique, and the ability to receive medicare coverage will impact the price of the surgery. The final price of the procedure is also impacted by the complexity of the breast lift and the inclusion of breast implants. The cost is mainly dependent on what you want to achieve. For example, if you won’t require implants or even a full breast lift, this will alter the final cost. Each patient receives a personalised breast lift to suit their individual needs.

It is also important to consider if your breast lift can be covered by medicare, your health insurance or super. Whilst some breast lifts are just for cosmetic purposes, others seek a breast lift for medical reasons and are therefore eligible for part medicare funding. Breast lift surgery costs will be covered by health insurance companies if medically necessary. Super companies will pay for a portion of the procedure if the patient meets the criteria of compassionate release of funds. Medical reasons to seek medicare funding include chronic skin infections and rashes around the breast due to sagging breasts, health conditions caused by your breast weight that impact your quality of life and significant sagging of the breasts.

To meet medicare funding, you have to meet a strict criteria under the Medicare benefits Schedule (item codes 45556 and 45558). Firstly, the patient must suffer from significant sagging of the breasts with at least two-thirds of the breasts and the nipple under the lower crease of the breast. Secondly, the patient’s youngest child should be between one and seven years of age when the surgery is to occur in cases of post-pregnancy breasts. Finally, patients must have photographic evidence of changes in their breasts to qualify.

Gold Coast Breast Surgeon, Dr Sawhney will discuss your suitability for medicare funding during your consultation. He will also evaluate your reasoning for getting a breast lift to determine the best course of action. To clarify the cost of your procedure, Dr Sawhney will provide you with a personalised cost breakdown for your surgery.

Breast Lift

Breast lift recovery

Our team supports our patients to return to their normal life as soon as possible through their recovery process. The recovery process for breast lift surgery can vary for each patient. Patients are able to return home the same day as their surgery however it takes approximately two to three weeks to return to a patient’s regular routine. After two weeks a patient will be able to return to work excluding jobs with extensive manual labour.

After your breast lift, Dr Sawhney will provide you with a recovery plan to help guide your recovery. This recovery plan includes exercises to ensure you can return to your regular routine quickly and regain your strength post-surgery. Post-surgery your chest will experience swelling. You will be fitted with a medical compression bra and a small drain in the incision site to therefore reduce the swelling. Within a few days, our surgeons will remove the drain. The postoperative swelling usually settles over a week. You will also notice scarring and tenderness after the operation however this will reduce over time. Your recovery plan will include pain management to ensure you feel the least pain possible.

After a breast lift, patients will have to follow a strict routine to ensure they support their recovery. Patients will have to sleep on their back whilst their breast lift is recovering. It is important to understand that your body needs to rest and heal after a major surgery. Eating healthy and drinking adequate amounts of water is another way to support the body through the healing process. Also, you should organise help in the first days and weeks post-surgery with tasks that will hinder your recovery.

Each patient experiences recovery differently. Appointments are scheduled regularly over the four months post-surgery to monitor the progress of your recovery. Over the first six months the results of a breast lift will gradually improve, and the swelling, pain and scarring will fade. Your newly reshaped breasts will take a few weeks to settle on your chest wall and look perkier. Your breast lift results will showcase natural-looking lifted breasts that create a youthful body shape.

Breast lift FAQs

Patients will not need to spend a night in hospital after a breast lift. They will however need someone to drive them home due to the effects of the general anaesthetic. Bruising, discomfort, swelling and some numbness are common as a result of a breast lift but these effects will subside within a week or two. Patients will need to spend at least a week at home before they can return to work and their usual routine. For six weeks after your breast lift you should resume exercise or physical activities.

Our clinic recommends wearing a compression garment for six weeks to reduce breast swelling and accelerate healing. You will need to see Dr Sawhney several days after your surgery to have your drains removed. It’s important to care for your incision sites to avoid infection and other complications. Dr Sawhney will inform you of all potential risks and complications so that you know what to expect after your breast lift.

Scarring can not be avoided after surgery. The scarring you experience after a breast lift will depend on the changes that were made during surgery. If you undergo a nipple lift, the scarring will be less noticeable than if an anchor incision is required. Dr Sawhney does everything possible to keep scarring to a minimum. How you care for the incisions after surgery and once they’re healed will impact your scarring. For one, protecting scars from harmful UV rays is one way to ensure they don’t become prominent. Over and above general scar care, your scars will fade naturally, and will be hidden under your underwear and swimwear.

Deciding on breast implants is a personal choice. The size that you choose is entirely up to you. Dr Sawhney will help you envision what the size will look like on your body using the Vectra 3D imaging system. Bigger is not always better and being able to make an informed decision using visuals is really helpful. Your implants should suit your body size and shape if you want the results to look natural. Different types of implants will also produce different results, which Dr Sawhney will also guide you through. It is highly recommended that you take all options into consideration before making a final call on size.

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