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Lip Lift Surgery

Lip lift surgery involves a slight reduction in the height of the philtrum

The skin between the upper lip and nostrils is called the philtrum. Through slightly reducing its height, Dr Sawhney flips out the upper lip – without leaving patients with the ‘duck pout’ appearance that fillers can sometimes create. Lip lift surgery involves a small incision in the fold under the nose. Your surgeon will perform this procedure under local anaesthetic. This surgical procedure increases the size of the lip, creating a youthful appearance. This procedure contours and creates a desirable lip shape and positioning for the patient. The lip lift is a perfect alternative for lip filler injections. It treats problems such as a long upper lip, lacking volume of the lips and poor teeth show.

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Lip Lift Procedure

There are several lip lift procedures that Dr Sawhney uses to achieve different effects. Most surgeons complete the procedure in an hour or less and often perform in office. Lip lift surgeon Dr Sawhney will draw postoperative marking on the lips to ensure he achieves the correct amount of lift. Patients can also book Healite therapy after this procedure to speed up the healing process and reduce downtime. Before the procedure, we recommend removing any product from your face, including moisturiser, makeup or sunscreen. We also recommend you wear loose fitting clothing for the procedure. Dr Sawhney will then perform this procedure under local anaesthesia.

Direct Lip Lift: This procedure begins with the removal of a thin strip of upper lip skin. The surgeon then pulls the skin upward, creating a more defined and pronounced lip border.

Subnasal Bullhorn: The procedure involves an incision under the nose (discreetly where the nostrils meet the upper lip). The surgeon will then remove a small section of skin from this area. The procedure results in a smaller distance between the nose and lip (philtrum). This ultimately enhances the cupid’s bow, and assists the top lip in rolling outwards more, making it appear larger. The Bullhorn procedure is the most common lip lift procedure as it creates consistent results.

Central Lip Lift: A central lip lift is a procedure Dr Sawhney uses to create an illusion of having a larger upper lip. He does this by creating an incision under the nose and shortening the upper lip.

Corner Lip Lift: This procedure begins with a small incision into the side of the mouth. The surgeon will use these incisions to place the mouth in the desired position. He will then lift the downturned corners of the mouth and will stitch the lift in place.

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Who is an ideal candidate for Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip lift surgery is most appropriate for both men and women who have teeth that can appear hidden by a lengthened or sagging upper lip area – or also known as an ‘elongated philtrum’. With age the upper lift space increases, creating excess space between the lips and the nose. Those wanting to remove this space are the ideal candidates for a lip lift. Women often get lip fillers to trying to tackle their long philtrum hoping that the fillers will create height of the lips. Unfortunately lip fillers can only go so high before they create an unnatural, duck-like appearance of the lip. Lip lifts are specifically designed to target the philtrum. This procedure lifts the lips to an ideal height and a natural lift. Those who have teeth that do not show when they smile are suitable for a lip lift.

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Benefits of lip lift surgery

The lip lift improves the smile and creates a more harmonious facial proportion between the upper lip and nose. It can help to reduce a ‘bottom teeth’ prominent smile if the reason is an elongated philtrum. If the skin below your nostrils has started to sag or has a wrinkled appearance, reduction of the philtrum may help to reduce the ageing appearance of that area of the face. A lip lift is a perfect alternative for those looking to achieve their ideal look with fillers whilst still having natural results. This is also a permanent solution and does not require upkeep.

A lip lift can balance the features of the face to create a more proportionate appearance. This procedure corrects and creates a longer upper lip whilst creating a more pronounced lip. Dr Sawhney uses lip lifts to create an adequate teeth show when the patient smiles, satisfying the patient’s ideal lip proportions. A benefit of the procedure is that a surgeon can also perform it in a short amount of time with minimal risks.

What should I expect in terms of recovery?

One of the most important parts of your lip lift journey is a healthy recovery. Lip lift surgeon Dr Raja Sawhney will ensure that you are always as comfortable as possible and ensure that your recovery process is as smooth as possible. Your body’s natural response to the surgery will result in minor bruising and swelling in the area, but you may begin to see results within three to four days. Patients can go back to work the next day if they feel ready.

For convenience, dissolvable sutures will be used during the procedure, meaning that the patient will not have to return to the clinic to get the stitches removed. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled, this will ensure that the patient is healing properly and that you and the surgeon are both satisfied with the results.

Rest and care will help with the process of recovering as quickly as possible. It is recommended that the patient undertakes a temporary diet of soft foods, and a restriction on strenuous physical activity. This will help to avoid irritation and minimise potential scarring. For 48 hours after the treatment, the patients are recommended to ice the treatment area.

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How much does a Lip Lift cost on the Gold Coast?

The Sculpted Gold Coast team determines the cost of each individual procedure by weighing up several factors. In your consultation with lip lift surgeon Dr Sawhney, he will create a tailored quote for your individual needs and concerns. It is important to book a consultation prior to your treatment to ensure you learn the cost of your procedure. In your consultation, Dr Sawhney will get to know you and your desired outcome for the procedure to determine what direction the surgery takes.

Certain aspects of surgery are added to the total cost by our team including the surgical, medical and hospital fees. Unlike most procedures, a lip lift is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance as it is a cosmetic procedure. Rebates are usually only available for procedures that are medically necessary. Contact Sculpted Gold Coast today to book your next lip lift procedure with Dr Sawhney.

Risks and Complications

All procedures have their own specific risks and complications. After a lip lift, patients will have a degree of scarring as the incision sites heal, however excessive scarring or scar tissue is a risk that can occur after a lip lift. Another element that will occur after all procedures is swelling and bruising around the mouth, however this fades quickly prior to your surgery. It is important to clean the surgical site in order to avoid infection from occurring. In some cases, patients find their lips experience poor wound healing and in rare cases, nerve damage. Some patients experience blood loss during or after their lip lift as this is a small treatment area. In extremely rare cases, patients will experience allergies to anaesthesia however Dr Sawhney will discuss your medical history prior to the procedure.


Lip lift Gold Coast with Dr Raja Sawhney

Lip lifts can offer dramatic, life-changing outcomes, resulting in an overall more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Dr Raja Sawhney will get to know you, your needs and concerns for the procedure to determine the perfect treatment method for you. He will perform a check up in your consultation with our Sculpted clinic on the Gold Coast. Lip lift surgeon Dr Sawhney will support you on your cosmetic journey as he understands the importance of having a physician that cares for you. To learn more about this procedure, or to book a consultation, please get in contact with us.

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