Otoplasty Gold Coast

Improve the shape, position, or proportion of your ears

Otoplasty/Ear Correction

An otoplasty can produce dramatic and life-changing results for the recipient

This relatively simple procedure is suitable to be performed on children as young as four or five as well as adults. Thanks to their position on our head, when one or both ears protrude more than what is accepted to be “normal”, it can be a source of embarrassment, particularly in younger children who may even find themselves the victims of bullying and teasing thanks to this feature. Also known as ear pinning, otoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct protruding or prominent ears.

Why undergo an otoplasty?

Otoplasty is able to address several different complaints including:

  • One or both ears protrude from the side of the head
  • One or both ears appear excessively large
  • Ears have an irregular shape
  • Ears seem to be disproportionate to the rest of the face

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Ear Correction

Ear Pinning Surgery Gold Coast

When you attend your consultation for otoplasty with Dr Raja Sawhney, he will spend time to fully understand your goals for this surgery, as well as conducting a physical examination to assess your unique circumstances.

If this surgery is for your child rather than yourself, please ensure your child attends the appointment with you. To start your otoplasty journey, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team and request your consultation today

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