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Improve the shape, position, or proportion of your ears

Otoplasty / cosmetic ear correction

An otoplasty can produce dramatic and life-changing results for the recipient

Otoplasty is a safe procedure that treats children as young as four or five, as well as adults. Some patients face insecurity when one or both ears protrude more than what is accepted to be “normal”. When our ears poke out it can be a source of embarrassment, particularly in younger children. Some young children may even find themselves the victims of bullying and teasing thanks to this feature. Also known as ear pinning, otoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct protruding or prominent ears.

Why undergo an otoplasty?

Otoplasty is an ear surgery that allows you to reposition and reshape your ears to balance your features.

Otoplasty is able to address several complaints including:

  • One or both ears protrude from the side of the head
  • One or both ears appear excessively large
  • Ears have an irregular shape
  • Ears seem to be disproportionate to the rest of the face
  • Reshape ears

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Ear pinning surgery Gold Coast

Your consultation will be with Dr Raja Sawhney at our Gold Coast Clinic. He will spend time to fully understand your goals for this surgery. He will conduct a physical examination to assess your concerns. Dr. Sawhney will review your medical history including any ear infections or recent surgeries. He will also explain the risks of an otoplasty to ensure you understand the procedure beforehand.

If this surgery is for your child rather than yourself, please ensure your child attends the appointment with you. To start your otoplasty journey, please contact our friendly team and request your consultation today.

Otoplasty Procedure

The purpose of an otoplasty is to reshape in the ear. It aims for the ears to lie closer to the sides of the head rather than protruding. Children aged between 4 and 14 can have their ears pinned because the ear cartilage is softer and easier to work with. An otoplasty can also produce effective results in adults. Otoplasty is a broad surgery covering altering earlobes and building ears for those who need them.

Firstly, an otoplasty begins with the surgeon making an incision in the fold of skin behind the ear. This cut exposes the underlying ear cartilage. Then the excess cartilage is removed and the remaining cartilage is remodelled. The ear is then resized. The surgeon will adjust how far the ear protrudes.The surgeon folds the cartilage to correct the ear and then internally stitches the cartilage in place. Dr. Sawhney will close the incision with stitches that pull the ear closer to the head. Finally, our doctors will bandage your head.

For all ear pinning surgery an anaesthetist should be present to monitor your reaction to the drug. Surgery can last from one to three hours depending on each case. Otoplasty can treat common ear problems such as lop ear, cupped ear and shell ear. Children and adults undergo surgery to improve their confidence. In your consultation, speak to Dr. Sawhney about your ear concerns to personalise the surgery. The surgery will be performed using the correct methods to make each change.

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Surgery Cost

When receiving otoplasty surgery at our Gold Coast clinic, each procedure is priced differently. Our patients have personalised treatments and therefore unique fees. Factors such as hospital fees, anaesthesia fees, your individual needs and the extent of the surgery determine each otoplasty fee. It is important to book a consultation at our Gold Coast clinic with Dr Sawhney to discuss your individual case and to receive a personalised pricing plan.

Some patients will be eligible for a Medicare rebate for their surgery. In your consultation, Dr Sawhney will determine your eligibility. To qualify you must meet a set criteria. Otoplasty falls under MBS code 45659: the correction of a congenital deformity of the ear.

The criteria is as follows:

  • The patient must be less than 18 years of age
  • The deformity of the ear is the absence of the antihelical fold or large scapha or large concha.
  • There must be photographic evidence documenting the need for correction

For medicare to cover a case it must be for medical necessity rather than aesthetic purposes. Those with private health insurance may also be able to claim some costs. It is important to contact your private health care before undergoing surgery to check this.


At Sculpted our team will provide you with instructions on how to receive the best results and support your recovery from your Ear pinning surgery. Firstly, you will be fitted with bandages, cotton padding and a compression bandage to protect your ear whilst it is healing. The bandages stay in plan for 24 hours to reduce the swelling of the treatment area. After around one to three days post-surgery, Dr Sawhney will remove your bandages and examine the surgical site. The patient will wear a headband until the swelling has gone. After three to seven days patients usually return to work and after two weeks, the symptoms such as bruising and swelling have settled. After three months, the ear will fully heal from the surgery.

Keep your head lifted post-surgery with pillows to help any bruising and swelling heal. You should sleep on your back and keep your head lifted at night to avoid any impact on the ears. Keep the head dry for the week post-surgery. Patients should not wash their hair after their Otoplasty however after 48 hours they can use shampoo and gently use water to wash it off. Dr. Sawhney will give you pain medication to support your recovery process. It is important to quit smoking as to not impact the healing process and to avoid touching your ear as this will cause pain and irritation.

At Sculpted, we insist on avoiding physical activity whilst the ears are healing. It is important that children understand the importance of protecting the ears whilst they are recovering from surgery and as a result, choose not to partake in any rough activity.

Otoplasty procedure, Sculpted Clinic

Risks & Complications

Like any procedure, the Otoplasty can bring with it some risks and complications. Infection can occur after surgery however medication will settle and prevent further infection. After this surgery, bruising or blood clots can form under the skin. After one to three days the bruising will appear and will subside over the recovery time. In some rare cases, the stitches can break and therefore extra surgery is needed to correct the surgery.

Sometimes patients are not happy with their results. Post- surgery the ears may be even or not pinned enough. Our team at Sculpted will do an excellent job to ensure that you are happy with your results and they are the best option for your ears. In some cases, patients will find their ears are numb after the surgery. This can last for up to several weeks before fading however we recommend contacting our clinic if this occurs to support your recovery process.

Scarring is a regular part of a surgery and after Otoplasty you will be left with a permanent scar. The creases of your ear will hide your scar. The ears can also be too pinned back, resulting in an overcorrection of the ears. However, this can be corrected with a second surgery.


All patients will be under a form of anaesthesia. Children are put under general anaesthesia. Adults have Otoplasty under local anaesthesia and conscious sedation. You will have an anaesthetist to monitor you throughout the procedure. Dr. Sawhney will discuss the anaesthesia, the medications you are taking and your allergies.

Ear pinning surgery is customisable to suit many different patients. Patients who receive an Otoplasty are usually unhappy with the shape, size or positioning of their ears. We recommend this procedure for patients whose ear is affected by an accident or has a birth defect. Those who have surgery should be physically healthy and have realistic expectations of the results. Patients should stop smoking prior to the surgery for the best possible results. In your consultation with Dr. Sawhney at our Gold Coast clinic, he will discuss your case and whether you are a candidate for Otoplasty surgery.

The treatment is done under general anaesthesia to avoid pain. Patients may feel mild to moderate discomfort however medication will prevent this.

No, your hearing will not be affected by the procedure as it is only done on the outer ear. The procedure does not alter the inner ear and therefore it is extremely rare for the procedure to affect the hearing of the patient.

Ear Correction

Are the results permanent?

Once the ear is pinned, the results are permanent. Dr Sawhney uses sutures to sew in place the cartilage and ear. In rare cases, the sutures break and further surgery is needed.

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