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“Labiaplasty is a specialised surgical procedure to reduce the size of the inner labia”

While some have labelled this procedure “designer vaginas”, the truth of the matter is that this procedure is not at all just about looks. Labiaplasty reduces and shapes the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood and mons pubis. This procedure reduces the labia tissue and removes excess skin from the vagina. Labiaplasty specialist, Dr Sawhney will ensure you receive the best results for your surgery in your appointment with Sculpted Gold Coast.

Why consider vaginal surgery?

Some women have large inner labia or flaps of skin at the vaginal opening which can be quite painful for the woman. Other women find that birth has caused changes to the shape and size of their vagina. This can result in issues with function as well as pain. Rather than having to live with this discomfort, surgery allows patients to live a comfortable life.

Vaginal surgery includes surgeries that restore and correct the vagina. The vagina can experience changes after birth and ageing, resulting in a loss of tissue elasticity. This can lead to an excess of sagging skin, dryness and bladder problems. Therefore, surgery can return function back to the vagina and restore sexual pleasure. Many women experience a lack of confidence. Surgery is for patients who are feeling discomfort and need relief for their concerns.

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Who is an ideal candidate for Labiaplasty?

Women who are suited to surgery have experienced pain or discomfort during intercourse, when riding a horse or a bike. In some cases women feel less sensation in their vagina during intercourse and may consider this procedure. Women who have a stretched vagina from birth or menopause are those suited to vaginal surgery. This procedure restores women confidence and comfort by removing excess skin and tissue. Patients who suffer bladder problems should consider this procedure. All vaginas are different sizes, however Dr Sawhney will perform this procedure on patients that are insecure in the shape and size of their labia and vulva. Dr Sawhney will ensure you are suited to this procedure in your consultation by completing a check up and learning your reasons for wanting vaginal surgery. Patients must be realistic with their ideal results.

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What can you expect from Labiaplasty


body sculpting


boosts self-esteem


improved body posture


reshaped tummy

Labiaplasty Procedure

The labiaplasty consists of several procedures that aid in vaginal restoration. The procedures differ for each patient and their personal needs. Dr Sawhney performs the procedure under local or general anaesthesia and it takes two hours to complete. He also numbs the vagina to reduce discomfort after the surgery. Before the procedure, you will meet with Dr Sawhney. He will then perform a check up and determine the correct procedure for your personal needs.

You will have a urinary tube placed. The surgeon will then cleanse your labia. He will shave your pubic area if necessary. The surgeon uses either a scalpel, scissors or laser to perform the surgery. Patients return home the same day as the procedure. After the procedure, the changes to the vagina are permanent and instant. Labiaplasty specialist, Dr Sawhney will check up on your recovery.

Trim or Strip Method:The trim method is the most common method used to alter the labia. The surgeon makes a cut along the sagging labia minora. This method removes excess skin and tissue. He uses dissolvable stitches to close the cuts. Dr Sawhney then stitches the cuts closed. He then stitches the labia minora to match the labia majora. We use this method to remove discolour along the edge of the labia.

The Wedge Method: The wedge method cuts out a wedge-shaped piece of the inner lips. This is to preserve the shape of the labia minora and create natural looking results. The border of the labia minora is maintained. As a result of the removal of a v-shaped wedge, then the vagina is tighter when stitched together. Dr Sawhney uses dissolvable stitches in this method.

How much does a Labiaplasty cost on the Gold Coast?

Our team determines the cost of a labiaplasty at Sculpted Gold Coast by several factors. You will therefore receive a tailored fee summary in your consultation with Dr Sawhney. At Sculpted, we make our treatments to each patient and their personal needs. To learn what your procedure will cost, book a consultation before your treatment. Dr Sawhney will use the treatment to determine which method will suit you and if the surgery is the ideal procedure for you. Our team determines the cost of surgery by including the surgical, medication and hospital fees. Reach out to our Sculpted Gold Coast clinic to receive your estimated fee.

Before undergoing the surgery, you should check if Medicare and health insurance cover your surgery. Private health insurance covers certain cases of labiaplasty. You should check if they cover your specific case. Most insurance companies will only cover a surgery if a valid Medicare code aligns with it. To qualify for a Medicare rebate, the surgery must be for medical needs.

The patient must also meet a Medicare criteria. Code 35533 is labiaplasty for the repair of damage. Code 35534 details surgery for structural flaws in a patient aged 18 years or older. The labium must extend more than 8cm below the vaginal opening. Dr Sawhney will see if medicare covers your treatment and how to apply for a Medicare rebate. Contact our team to book your consultation and find out what the procedure can do for you.

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What should I expect in terms of recovery?

Patients can return to their daily activities ten days after the procedure. Also, you can resume intercourse four to ten weeks post-surgery. Avoid tampons for four to six weeks. Swelling reduces over six weeks however it takes six months to fully heal. It is important to organise for someone to drive you home after surgery. Discomfort occurs for ten days post-surgery. Walking around the house twice a day will help the recovery process speed-up. There will be light bleeding however this will subside after a few days. Dr Sawhney will provide you with recovery instructions. Patients take a week to drive. After three to four weeks the stitches will dissolve. Results appear four to six months after surgery.

Patients should take time off work to recover. During the recovery process, patients will experience swelling and pain. Patients should elevate their pelvis. They should also apply a cold compress between their underpants and an elastic garment to reduce swelling. This should be done for twenty minutes on and then off, as the area will be sensitive. The labia minora heals quickly. This procedure is sensitive and therefore the body needs time to recover. Dr Sawhney will give you medication to reduce pain and infection. Patients should wear loose clothing to avoid rubbing.

You will be recommended to avoid physical activity. Dr Sawhney will remove your dressings in your follow up appointment. He will provide you with a garment that you need to wear for several weeks after the procedure. This garment reduces swelling and aids in the recovery process. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol before and after the procedure. We advise our patients to avoid long showers and pat down the wound when exposed to water. Patients should also avoid using toilet paper to wipe their treatment area after using the restroom. They should instead use warm water to cleanse the area. You should not touch the surgical site.

Risks and complications

All surgical procedures have risks and a labiaplasty is no different. Risks occur after a labiaplasty including problems with healing, discomfort and pain. Bleeding occurs when a cut is made as the labia has a large number of blood vessels. Bleeding usually stops after 24 hours. Infection can occur when the treatment area is not cleaned. You will be required to clean the labia to prevent infection. A common risk that occurs is the removal of too much tissue. This then prevents the labia from doing its job: protecting the vagina. As a result risks such as dryness and pain during intercourse can increase. Therefore, Dr Sawhney will discuss your ideal outcome for the procedure to determine the amount of tissue to be removed.

The wedge procedure is more likely to create risks as it removes tissue and skin. In extreme cases, another procedure is needed to correct problems with the first surgery. Nerve damage is a risk that can occur in all surgeries. Patients under the age of 18 are still growing and should not have surgery. The labia is flexible and heals quickly. Therefore risks are less common with a labiaplasty. Scarring will occur after all surgeries. After the procedure, the scars will be tender however this will fade over time. The scars are known to be painful during birth and intercourse.

There are many different risks that can occur after surgery. Patients can experience complications such as:

  • Asymmetry
  • Loss of tissue
  • Chronic dryness
  • Raised scars
  • Colour changing
  • Risk of blood clots
  • Discomfort at the incision site
  • Numbness
  • Reactions to medication
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Labiaplasty Gold Coast

This surgery is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. The method used is decided by each case. When you attend your consultation with Dr Raja Sawhney at the Sculpted Clinic on the Gold Coast, he will take the time to discuss your unique concerns and queries. He will also conduct a check up to determine the best approach to your procedure. Dr Sawhney will support your journey by listening to your surgery goals. He will create a procedure that is suited to your concerns and needs. Contact Sculpted clinic to book your next consultation with labiaplasty specialist, Dr Raja Sawhney.

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